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Struggling with Bike services finding it difficult to maintain. Is Delay in Servicing Spoils your Bike Health?
Eazyservices Offers you Bike Services and Repair at Doorstep. Now Book your Two-Wheeler services without any Registration or Hiden Charges.

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Why Choose Eazy Services ?


Service Within 2 Hours

Get your Service within 2 Hours.  


Genuine Spare Parts

Genuine Spare parts from Authorised Store.


Trained Experts

Our Staff are highly trained and Experience..


Transparent Pricing

No Hidden Charges and Bill Produce for Every Purchase and Service.


Time Preference

No Matter What Time you need Our Services, Our employees are ready to serve you 24/7.


30 Days Service Warranty

Any time face Issue of a Bike can call Our Customer care Number and we revisit and solve the issue.

Brands we serve

We Provide Following Services

General Service

We Inspect more than 20 Checkpoints during general services and fix minor problems and issues. Our Genuine part and selective engine oil increase your bike's performance and smooth ride.

Major Repair at Doorstep

Service which involve major repair as engine work, Carburettor problems, magnet coil, ECU, chain sprocket... will repair at our authorised Garages with Aproval of customer.

BreakDown Support

Stuck in traffic due to Bike Problem, Bike do not start after many days of standby, facing Battery issue or Jumpstart. Eazy services help you 24/7.

Is your bike in need of a Service or repair?

Eazyservices brings your bike service to your doorstep. Book your slot by giving information about service type, location, and convenient time. Our Expert team will service your vehicle at your premises.

Our goal is to keep you riding. No matter where you are and how your performance is, our team will deal with it.

Transparent billing and pre-approve quotation are major steps we follow in our services. Call us or Whatsapp on 888-666-3616 anytime – we are happy to help.
Know More
Battery jumpstart

Battery Jumpstart

Bike Battery jumpstart is one of the most widely used on-spot support availed by superbike owners. Our expert team will Jumpstart your bike anywhere with utmost care.

Flat tyre repair

Flat Tyre Repair

24 hours on the spot repairs for tube & tubeless tyres, valve pin issues, rim problems and tubes replacements for both bikes & cars

On-spot repairs

On-spot Repairs

We handle Bike General Service, Repairs and Washing service at doorstep

Our packages Include

General Service with Engine Oil

Below 125CC

General Service Include 52 Checkpoints
Transparent Billing and Pre Approval 
Service at Doorstep
15 Days  Service Warranty 

(Water wash and other Repair which is not listed will be an Extra Charge)

In case of cancelling of service after a mechanic visit ₹, 200 will be charged as visiting charges.

₹ 750

General Service with Engine oil

Above 150CC

General Service Include 52 Checkpoints

Test Run-Vehicle Diagnosis

Check For Unwanted Sounds/Vibration
Check Power Delivery

Check The Throttle Response

Check The Gear Shifting Condition

Check The Idling Conditioning
Check The Brake Conditions
Check The Exhaust Emission
Check The Basic Handle And Wheel Alignment
Check The Suspension Response.
Console Checking

Engine Oil

Check The Engine Oil Level
Check for The Leakages----- Repair if its Need

Check The Oil Filter Condition---Oil Clean or Replace the Oil Filter (Extra Charge)

top up or Replace


Air Filter
Checking the Air Filter Condition
Checking the Air Filter Position

Cleaning And Reinstalling If the Condition Is Good

Changing The Air Filter If the Condition Is Bad (Extra Charge)

Drive Line (Chain/Belt)

Check the Chain Condition
Check the Chain Tightness
Check the Chain Lubing Condition

Tighten The Chain/Belt
Lube The Chain


Check The Brake Pad /Shoes Condition

Check Calliper Nuts Tightening

Replace The Brake Pad Or Shoes If Necessary (Extra cost)

Adjust Brake Play Or Brake Bleeding

Top-Up Brake Fluid

Carburetor, Throttle and Choke


Inspect Carburettor Condition
Inspect the Throttle Position
Inspect Proper Working Of Choke

Adjust The Carburettor Bowl If Necessary

Perform Carburettor Adjustment

Perform Throttle Cable Adjustment And Ideal Setting

Lubricate The Throttle Play

Adjust The Choke

Spark Plug Cleaning And Replacement

Check The Spark Plug Condition
Clean The Spark Plug And Re-Install

Replace The Spark Plug ( Extra Cost )

Adjust The Spark Plug Terminal


Inspect For All Bulbs, Horn, Switches Working
Inspect Battery Terminal
Minor Electrical Wiring Adjustment

Adjust Headlight Beam

Clean Or Adjust Battery Terminal


Inspect Front And Rear Shock Absorber

Minor Adjustment Of Suspension Play

Fasteners And Lubrication /Greasing


Inspect All Fasteners

Tighten All The Fasteners

Lubricate Side And Centre Stand

Lubricate And Adjust Kick And Gear Shifting Lever


Test Drive And Final Tuning

Test Drive To See Vehicle Response

Final Adjustment

(Water wash and other Repair which is not listed will be Extra charge)

In case cancelling of service after mechanic visit ₹ 200 will be charged as visiting charges.

₹ 850

Bike Wash at Doorstep

Dry wash at Doorstep

Eazyservices Introduces Eco-Bike Wash at Doorstep 

Now No More wastage of water, Water Stain and Marks. Wash your Bike with waterless Foam wash at the doorstep. 
Wash Include
waterless Foam Wash
Tyre polish
Chain Clean
Body polish

₹ 200

Annual Maintenance plan

Above 150 CC

Get your Bike Service Regular without Delay. Eazy services Introduce AMC  

Get 4 Times General Service which covers 

52 Checkpoints 

ECO wash and polish 

Road Side Assistance 

Free 1 ltr Engine Oil 

IN just ₹1600/-

Terms & Conditions :

Major Repair and Spear parts will be an extra charge

Engine oil will be an extra charge

Electrical issues and welding will be an extra charge

We do not cover puncture and petrol refill in this package

₹ 1600

Service include

Package Single

Customer Reviews


Regular Bike Servicing is the key to keep your bike in its tip-top state. But going to a bike service station every 2 months is not always possible with life getting busier every day. All this can be sorted by booking bike repair and service online using a bike service app. You can now get a bike service at home! The bike repair mechanic comes to your doorstep to service your bike. All of this at no extra cost and only affordable rates. No more service station hassle! We have curated the average Bike Repair and Service Price List in India which you can refer below.

Bike Wash and Bike Repair At Home

Say goodbye to the queues and delays at the bike repair shop? Eazy Services offers efficient and affordable services for bike repair at home. You can also book bike wash services with the help of our website or through our app. Our team of experts would visit your home, and run thorough checks on your bike. We use advanced tools and techniques and have some of the most experienced technicians who would ensure that your bike is repaired with care so that you get a permanent solution to your issues.

We have the experience of working on bikes of all the national and international brands. Whether it’s a 110cc commuter bike or a 1300cc superbike, our team can handle it with ease, no matter how big or small the issue might be. So, when you are looking for easy and efficient bike repair at home, contact us today.

How to Book Doorstep Bike Service in Hyderabad?

It is easy to book a doorstep bike service in Hyderabad. Just fill up the form on this page, and let us know your address and the date when you want the service. Have any special requests? Do let us know and we would surely try to accommodate. Our team of technicians would arrive at the date and time of the appointment. We would take care of the servicing needs of your bike and run multiple checks on different parts and components of the vehicle. From changing filters to making repairs to the chassis, our team of experts can handle it all.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a doorstep bike service in Hyderabad with Eazy Services today. Take the right care of your bike and make it a reliable companion for all your unforgettable journeys that you wish to embark on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Book Online Bike Service in Hyderabad from Eazyservices

Eazyservices brings a simple and User-Friendly Booking system. Users no need to download the Mobile app or fill out the lengthy Registration form. 

You can Book your services via website by giving simple details about you an Bike or can WhatsApp to 888-666-3616 and your booking is done

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